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It all stems from a request from a friend in 2012, he posed us a challenge: "Are you able to create some Grips for Cross Training?" We did not hesitate and decided to design our own Grips. This was the beginning of everything that today is PICSIL.

We started to produce the Grips in our family home, in the kitchen, with the help of our mother helping us to sew them. This manual process, which makes our product unique, is very well received by thousands of customers all over Spain. 

Exponential growth

Sales are starting to grow exponentially, so we need to stock up on raw materials to be able to produce more, as well as adequate machinery to be able to continue creating our Grips.  

We moved the production of our products from our family home to an industrial building in Cintruénigo (Navarra). As a result of promoting our website and social networks, we positioned ourselves as leaders in Spain as a brand of accessories Cross Training. 


From here we decided to expand the brand. We got a table, a tent and a tarpaulin with our logo on it and started touring Cross Training competitions internationally. We also started selling on Amazon so the strategy of expanding the brand started to pay off. 

The evolution of the PICSIL brand continues to grow. As a result of our success, we started to manufacture new models of callera with synthetic leather. We started exporting to Europe and needed a bigger warehouse. We rented a second warehouse and converted the first one into a practice box for Cross Training.

Leaders in Europe

We have become the European leader in the sale of Grips, thanks to our best seller Azor Grip which has become the reference product in the international events of Cross Training. In addition, we managed to be one of the two companies based in Navarra that sells more on Amazon. We participate as the first Spanish brand in the CrossFit Games.

We started to sponsor the best athletes in the world who want to wear our products because they consider them to be the best on the market. We launch new products such as knee pads, combas and backpacks. We opened our headquarters in Miami to expand in the United States. 


COVID makes our business model suffer and sales plummet as we have to be at home without the sport. But our mentality is to resist and come out stronger. We improved the structure of the company, improved our agreements with athletes and distributors to reach more countries.


Golden Eagle Grips

In 2021 we launch our best-selling product. The Eagle Golden Gripour first no-holes calliper with the best grip ever for a calliper. This year we reached 40 countries and have more than 400 distributors of our products.

We managed to double the sales of our bestsellers bestsellers in different markets in Europe and the rest of the world. We launched a completely renewed website focused on making the customer feel part of the great community that has been generated around PICSIL. Do you want to be part of our family? Come on, we'll join you.

Together reaching new frontiers



Sport is a way of coping with life. It keeps us fit, keeps us entertained and brings us together. Through sport we can improve life, we can change it. The values it conveys are universal and that's why we like to do it. We fall down, get up and get going. PICSIL is all of this and that's why we like to be with you so that you can overcome all the challenges you set yourself. Become part of the PICSIL community and enjoy the sport. It's time to fly and overcome new frontiers together.


PICSIL is committed to sustainability and therefore we carry out a series of actions in favour of our environment aimed at improving the well-being of society. We use recycled fibres in all our garments, our bags are 100% biodegradable material and the cardboard packaging we use is 100% recyclable. In addition, the fabric used in our shirts is vegan and does not come from animals. We want the world to be a better place for everyone and we keep this in mind in our daily work. Will you join us in changing our mentality?